Church Directory

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TownDenominationChurch NameOffice Phone
PrincetonSDAAdventist-Seventh Day(304) 255-1382
BeckleyCatholicAmerican Traditional Roman Catholic Archdiocese(304) 255-6020
LansingNon-Denom.Ames Heights Bible Church
AmigoBaptistAmigo Missionary Baptist Church(304) 774-0010
AnstedBaptistAnsted Baptist Church(304) 658-4321
PeterstownMinistryAppalachian Christian Center(304) 753-9650
ArnettAssy. Of GodArnett Assembly of God(304) 934-7001
BeckleyMinistryAssemblies of God Appalachian District
GhentMinistryAssemblies of God Appalachian District - OFC
DorothyAssy. Of GodAssembly Of God Church(304) 854-1733
MatoakaBaptistBailey Memorial Baptist Church(304) 467-8154
BeaverBaptistBeaver 1st Baptist Church(304) 255-9204
BeckleyPresyterianBeckley Presbyterian Church(304) 252-6289
BeckleyBaptistBeckley Regular Baptist Church(304) 252-9020
BeckleyPentecostalBeckley United Pentecostal Church(304) 253-3106
FayettevilleApostolicBeckwith Apostolic Church(304) 574-1369
BeckleyNon-Denom.Believer's Chapel(304) 252-6638
HintonBaptistBellepoint Baptist Church(304) 466-3547
Mac ArthurBaptistBethel Freewill Baptist Church(304) 253-1842
SummersvilleBaptistBeulah Baptist Church
MacArthurBaptistBible Baptist Church
BeckleyBaptistBible Baptist Church(304) 250-0312
SimonBaptistBig Cub Missionary Baptist Church(304) 682-4050
Blue JayMethodistBlue Jay United Methodist Church(304) 252-5176
Jumping BranchBaptistBluestone Baptist Church(304) 466-3107
BoomerBaptistBoomer Baptist Church(304) 442-8967
BradleyBaptistBradley First Baptist Church(304) 877-3322
BradleyBaptistBradley Freewill Baptist Church(304) 877-5115
BradleyPresyterianBradley Presbyterian Church(304) 877-5865
BoltBaptistBreckenridge Baptist Church(304) 934-7842
BeckleyMinistryBrian's Safe House(304) 252-9441
MatoakaNon-Denom.Bridge Community Church(304) 467-8994
CycloneBaptistBright Prospect Missionary Baptist Church(304) 682-6063
Gauley BridgeHolinessBrownsville Holiness Church(304) 632-1008
BeckleyBaptistCalloway Heights Baptist Church(304) 253-4415
SkeltonBaptistFelowship Community Church
BeckleyAssy. Of GodCalvary Assembly of God(304) 252-0717
VernerBaptistCalvary Baptist Church(304) 664-3145
Oak HillBaptistCalvary Baptist Church(304) 469-3890
PeterstownBaptistCalvary Baptist Church(304) 753-9200
BeckleyCalvary ChapelCalvary Chapel of Beckley(304) 253-6500
SmithersBaptistCampbell Memorial Baptist Church
CanneltonBaptistCarbondale Baptist Church
HintonBaptistCentral Baptist Church(304) 466-2341
BeckleyBaptistCentral Baptist Church(304) 253-9462
BeckleyMinistryChild Evangelism Fellowship(304) 253-4554
Crab OrchardBaptistChristian Chapel Baptist Church(304)252-0326
KellysvilleNon-Denom.Christian Fellowship Center(304) 898-7851
BeckleyChurch of ChristChurch of Christ(304) 252-8108
PrincetonChurch of ChristChurch Of Christ At Pettry(304) 384-7296
PrincetonChurch of GodChurch of God(304) 425-6505
FayettevilleChurch of GodChurch of God(304) 574-2148
BeckleyChurch of GodChurch of God Family Worship Center(304) 252-8474
BeckleyMinistryChurch of God State Office(304) 252-0622
FayettevilleMinistryChurch of God Youth Camp(304) 574-3786
BeaverBaptistClifftop Missionary Baptist Church
Coal CityBaptistCoal City Freewill Baptist(304) 683-3055
Glen DanielBaptistCoal Marsh Missionary Baptist(304) 934-5455
BluefieldBaptistCommunity Baptist Mission(304) 325-3509
PinevilleBaptistCook Memorial Baptist Church(304) 732-8048
Shady SpringBaptistCool Ridge Free Will Baptist Church(304) 763-5151
Crab OrchardBaptistCornerstone Freewill Baptist Church(304)252-8038
FayettevilleBaptistCotton Hill Missionary Baptist Church(304) 574-3550
Forest HillBaptistCountryside Baptist Church(304) 466-5072
FairdaleNon-Denom.Cove Creek Church
SaxonNon-Denom.Cove Creek Community Church(304) 934-0503
Crab OrchardBaptistCrab Orchard Baptist Church(304) 252-2610
BeckleyBaptistCranberry Baptist Church(304) 252-9631
OceanaBaptistCrany Missionary Baptist Church(304) 682-4207
BeaverBaptistCrow Baptist Church(304) 763-4905
BeaverBaptistCrow Christian Church
LoradoBaptistCurtis Baptist Church(304) 583-8056
Rock ViewBaptistCyclone Missionary Baptist Church(304) 732-8820
DanielsNon-Denom.Daniels Bible Church(304) 252-0950
DanielsBaptistDaniels Missionary Baptist Church(304) 253-2833
BeckleySDAEast Beckley Seventh Day Adventist Church(304) 252-1336
BeckleyBaptistEbenezer Baptist Church(304) 252-4881
EcclesNon-Denom.Eccles Community Church
BeckleyBaptistEccles First Baptist Church(304) 256-0183
RainelleNon-Denom.Elton Community Church
FayettevilleBaptistEmmanuel Baptist Church(304) 574-2185
WarBaptistEmmanuel Baptist Church(304) 875-3432
BeckleyBaptistEmmanuel Baptist Church(304) 252-3012
LewisburgNon-Denom.Emmanuel Community Church
AnstedEpiscopalEpiscopal Church of the Redeemer(304) 658-5857
Glen DanielBaptistFairdale Freewill Baptist Church(304) 934-7111
RupertBaptistFaith Baptist Chapel(304) 438-7277
ProsperityBaptistFaith Baptist Church(304) 255-4180
BeckleyNon-Denom.Faith Community Church(304) 860-1940
DaneseBaptistFaith Free Will Baptist Church(304) 438-8115
BeckleyNon-Denom.Faith Temple Deliverance(304) 252-9470
FayettevilleBaptistFayetteville Baptist Church(304) 574-1074
FayettevilleNon-Denom.Fayetteville Christ Fellowship(304) 574-2531
FayettevilleChurch of GodFayetteville Church of God(304) 574-1138
FayettevillePresyterianFayetteville Presbyterian Church(304) 574-0446
FayettevilleMethodistFayetteville United Methodist Church(304) 574-0187
Oak HillBaptistFellowship Memorial Baptist Church(304) 465-0434
CharlestonMinistryFellowship Of Christian Athletes(304) 344-9005
BeckleyMinistryFellowship Of Christian Athletes(304) 253-2858
Mount HopeAssy. Of GodFirst Assembly of God(304) 877-3099
Shady SpringBaptistFirst Baptist Church(304) 763-4738
MabscottBaptistFirst Baptist Church(304) 255-0814
BeckleyBaptistFirst Baptist Church(304) 252-2855
BeckleyBaptistFirst Baptist Church(304) 252-0586
BeckleyBaptistFirst Baptist Church - Ofc, Pastor (304) 253-4252
Glen JeanBaptistFirst Baptist Church Glen Jean(304) 465-3188
StollingsBaptistFirst Baptist Church McConnell(304) 752-7774
FairleaBaptistFirst Baptist Church of Fairlea(304) 645-3533
BeckleyBaptistFirst Baptist Church of Harper HTS(304) 253-5620
Oak HillBaptistFirst Baptist Church Summerlee(304) 469-4484
PrincetonChristianFirst Christian Church(304) 425-2369
BeckleyChristianFirst Christian Church Disciples Of Christ(304) 252-8597
BeckleyChurch of ChristFirst Church of Christ(304) 252-5165
BeckleyNazareneFirst Church Of The Nazarene(304) 253-1928
Oak HillPresyterianFirst Presbyterian Church(304) 469-3196
BeaverBaptistFirst Southern Baptist(304) 763-4020
BeckleyNon-Denom.Fishnet Church(304) 255-6020
BeckleyBaptistFlat Branch Baptist Church(304) 252-2554
BeckleyHolinessFree & Independent Holiness Church(304) 252-9548
BeckleyBaptistFreedom Baptist Church(304) 252-6885
FayettevillePentecostalGarten Pentecostal Holliness Church(304) 574-4393
FayettevilleBaptistGatewood Baptist Church(304) 574-0920
Crab OrchardBrethrenGatewood Brethren Church(304) 890-3816
FayettevilleChurch of GodGatewood Church of God(304) 574-2935
Gauley BridgeBaptistGauley Bridge Baptist Church(304) 632-1226
Oak HillBaptistGentry Baptist Church(304) 465-5502
GhentBaptistGhent Missionary Baptist Church(304) 787-4908
Glen ForkBaptistGlen Fork Baptist Church(304) 682-4141
Crab OrchardBaptistGlen View Independent Baptist Church(304) 253-2980
Glen WhiteBaptistGlen White Missionary Baptist Church(304) 252-2886
FayettevilleNon-Denom.Gospel Lighthouse Church(304) 574-2473
BaptistGrace Baptist Church(304)574-2300
Crab OrchardBaptistGrace Baptist Church
BaptistGrace Baptist Church(304) 877-9013
AsburyNon-Denom.Grace Bible Church645-4226
DanielsBaptistGrace Gospel Church763-5217
BeaverChristianGrandview Christian Church(304) 763-3916
AnstedBaptistGraydon Southern Baptist Church(304) 658-4002
RonceverteBaptistGreenbrier Regular Baptist Church(304) 647-5394
FayettevilleBaptistGum Spring Baptist Church(304) 632-1646
Clear ForkBaptistHanover Missionary Baptist Church(304) 682-4504
BeckleyBaptistHarper Heights Missionary Baptist Church(304) 252-1059
Oak HillBaptistHarvey Missionary Baptist Church(304) 465-0611
BeckleyApostolicHeart of God Ministries(304) 253-3944
MullensBaptistHighland Avenue Baptist Church(304) 294-7424
Crab OrchardBaptistHilltop Baptist Church(304) 683-3080
BeckleyHolinessHoliness Church of Jesus(304) 253-0762
Mac ArthurBaptistHollywood Missionary Baptist Church(304) 255-0733
SethNon-Denom.Hopkins Fork Community Church(304) 837-3141
HicoMinistryJamie Carte Ministries(304) 658-4720
PrincetonBaptistJohnston Chapel Baptist Church(304) 425-6315
BeckleyMinistryTotal Life(304) 255-0851
LansingBaptistLansing Baptist Church(304) 574-0893
LesterBaptistLester Baptist Church(304) 934-6994
Oak HillAssy. Of GodLifeBridge Assembly of God(304) 469-2646
WarNon-Denom.Lighthouse Community Church(304) 875-3687
DanielsBaptistLighthouse Independent Baptist Church(304) 763-9134
AnstedNon-Denom.Lighthouse Worship Center
Coal CityBaptistLilly Brook Free Will Baptist Church(304) 683-2213
BeckleyApostolicLiving Waters Apostolic Tabernacle(304) 250-6032
Oak HillBaptistLochgelly Baptist Church(304) 469-8709
PaxMethodistLong Branch United Methodist Church(304) 877-9205
LookoutBaptistLookout Baptist Church574-2146
AnstedBaptistLover's Leap Baptist Church(304) 658-4992
MabscottBaptistMabscott Fundamental Christian Church(304) 255-1717
MabscottMethodistMabscott United Methodist Church(304) 252-4207
BaptistMaple Valley Baptist Church
BluefieldChurch of ChristMaple View Church of Christ
PrincetonBaptistMaranatha Baptist Church(304) 425-0832
BeckleyBaptistMaxwell Hill Baptist Church(304) 253-0366
BeckleyBaptistMemorial Baptist Church(304) 255-1575
DaneseBaptistMillbrook Baptist Church(304) 484-7411
SkeltonBaptistMorning Star Baptist Church(304) 252-0448
BeckleyBaptistMount Calvary Baptist Church(304) 252-3227
Mount HopeChristianMount Hope Christian Church(304) 877-5637
AthensBaptistMount Jackson Baptist Church
Oak HillBaptistMountain Valley Missionary Baptist Church
Oak HillChurch of GodMountain View Church of God(304) 465-5511
MabscottBaptistMt Hope Baptist Temple(304) 877-2174
Mount HopePresyterianMT Hope Presbyterian Church - Study(304) 877-2131
BeckleyBaptistMt. Tabor Baptist Church(304) 252-3271
Lanark,BaptistMt Vernon Baptist Church(304) 252-9937
FayettevilleBaptistMt Zion Baptist Church(304) 574-2203
Cool RidgeBaptistNehemiah Baptist Church(304) 787-4740
BeckleyBaptistNettie Baptist Church
BeaverBaptistNew Haven Baptist Church
BeckleyBaptistNew Hope Baptist Church(304) 252-6694
BeckleyBaptistNew Hope Primative Baptist Church(304) 253-4053
BeckleyMinistryNew Life Healing & Deliverance Ministry(304) 255-9080
White OakBaptistNew Life Independent Baptist Church(304) 763-9707
BeckleyBaptistNew Prospect Baptist Church(304) 253-1513
PrincetonBaptistNew Zion Regular Baptist Church(304) 898-6891
NimitzBaptistNimitz Missionary Baptist Church
BeckleyChurch of ChristNorth Beckley Church Of Christ(304) 253-0446
BeckleyBaptistNorthgate Baptist Church(304) 255-4021
PeterstownBaptistOak Creek Baptist Church
BeckleyChristianOak Grove Christian Church(304) 252-7565
Oak HillAllianceOak Hill Alliance Church(304) 469-6793
Oak HillBaptistOak Hill Baptist Church(304) 469-3455
Oak HillMethodistOak Hill United Methodist Church(304) 469-4126
OceanaChurch of GodOceana Church of God
OceanaBaptistOceana First Baptist Church(304) 682-8528
BeckleyBaptistOpen Bible Baptist Church
Shady SpringNon-Denom.Open Door Church
BeckleyMinistryOutreach for Christ Christian Center(304) 253-2797
Mount HopeBaptistPacks Branch Baptist Church(304) 877-3506
Oak HillBaptistPage Baptist Church(304) 465-8641
Shady SpringMethodistPerry Memorial United Methodist Church(304) 763-2599
BeckleyChristianPikeview Christian Church(304) 255-4323
LindsideBaptistPine Grove Baptist Church
Piney ViewBiblePiney View Bible Church
PrincewickBaptistPrincewick Missionary Baptist Church(304) 683-9001
ProsperityBaptistProsperity First Baptist(304) 575-6484
BomontNon-Denom.Queen Shoals Community Church(304) 548-5724
Mt NeboNon-Denom.Restoration Fellowship(304) 872-7001
PinevilleBaptistRockcastle Baptist Church(304) 732-6669
MindenNon-Denom.Rocklick Community Church(304) 465-3011
BeckleyMinistrySalvation Army Beckley Corps(304) 253-9541
BeckleyBaptistSecond Baptist Church(304) 253-3853
PrincetonNon-Denom.Shields Memorial Chapel
BeckleyBaptistShiloh Baptist Church(304) 255-1133
BeckleyBaptistSky Baptist Church(304) 255-1899
SophiaBaptistSophia First Baptist Church(304) 683-5309
SophiaBaptistSophia Freewill Baptist Church(304) 683-5437
SophiaMethodistSophia United Methodist Church(304) 683-4961
Glen DanielBaptistSovereign Grace Baptist Church(304) 934-6551
Oak HillNon-Denom.Spirit & Truth Ministries(304) 465-8911
PinevilleBaptistSpruce Grove Missionary Baptist Church(304) 294-6170
BeckleyCatholicSt John United Holy Church(304) 252-3661
BeckleyLuthernSt Luke Lutheran Church(304) 252-4865
BeckleyMethodistSt Mary's United Methodist Church(304) 255-5065
BeckleyAMESt Matthew Ame Church(304) 252-1002
BeckleyOrthodoxSt Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church(304) 252-5821
BeckleyBaptistSt Paul Baptist Temple(304) 252-7579
BeckleyEpiscopalSt Stephens Episcopal Church(304) 253-9672
BeckleyOrthodoxSt. Nicholas Orthodox Church
StanafordBaptistStanaford Missionary Baptist Church(304) 253-2525
BaptistSummerlee Free Will Baptist Church
SummerleePresyterianSummerlee Presbyterian(304) 465-0714
Coal CityBaptistSunset Hills Missionary Baptist Church304-683-9522
MabenBaptistSweet Home Baptist Church(304) 294-4114
SylvesterBaptistSylvester Baptist Church
BeckleyMethodistThe First United Methodist Church - Ofc(304) 252-3435
HintonNon-Denom.Tilden Community Church(304) 253-2487
CycloneBaptistToler Baptist Church(304) 682-0183
OceanaBaptistToneda Missionary Baptist Church(304) 682-4221
Shady SpringPresyterianTrinity Presbyterian Church(304) 763-3537
SimonBaptistTurkey Creek Missionary Baptist Church(304) 682-4050
BeckleyApostolicUnited Apostolic Faith Church(304) 256-8232
BeckleyMethodistUnited Methodist Temple - Ofc(304) 252-6213
Mount HopeBaptistUnited Missionary Baptist Church(304) 877-5422
BeaverBaptistVictory Baptist Church(304) 255-4585
Oak HillBaptistVirginia Street Baptist Church(304) 465-3611
PinevilleBaptistWelch First Baptist Church(304) 436-3336
BeckleyBaptistWelcome Baptist Church(304) 252-5818
MullensBibleWelton Bible Chapel
BeckleyBaptistWesleyan Chapel(304) 252-4421
Shady SpringBaptistWest View Missionary Baptist Church
BeckleyNon-Denom.Woodland Heights Community Church
SophiaBaptistJordan Christian Fellowship(304) 575-4994
BeckleyEpiscopalMullins Episcopal Church253-4721
CharmcoAssy. Of GodLaurel Creek Assembly of God
LeslieApostolicFaith Mission Apostolic Church
BaptistOrient Hill Tabernacle Freewill Baptist Church
BaptistChestnut Grove Baptist Church
HolinessLoops Rd. Holiness Church of Jesus Christ
RainelleCatholicSacred Heart Catholic Church(304)466-3966
BaptistBig Sewell Miss. Baptist Church
Non-Denom.Freedom Christian Center
DaneseBaptistOakvale Baptist Church
RupertPentecostalPentecostal Church of God
RupertBaptistBig Clear Creek Baptist Church
BaptistHines Missionary Baptist Church
AldersonChurch of GodRiver of Life Church of God
CharmcoBaptistGorden Freewill Baptist Church
BaptistFirst Baptist Church of Rainelle
Church of GodGreenbrier Ave. Church of God
CharmcoNon-Denom.House of Prayer
BaptistSmoot Baptist Church
Church of ChristSpringdale Church of Christ
KiefferBaptistBeaver Creek Baptist Church
HintonChurch of GodShepherd's Care Family Worship Church of God(304)466-0550
BeckleyChurch of GodFamily Worship Center(304)252-8474
SpringdaleNon-Denom.Springdale Union Mission Church
BaptistLittle Valley Miss. Baptist
BaptistCrawley Baptist Church
BaptistBellwood Baptist Church
RupertBaptistAmwell Baptist Church392-5891
BaptistLittle Sewell Baptist Church
BaptistMinnie Belle Baptist Church
RupertMethodistBascom United Methodist Church
BaptistSinking Creek Baptist Church
MethodistQuinwood United Methodist
N. Mead. BrdgeBaptistLaurel Branch Freewill Baptist Church
BaptistOld Greenbrier Baptist Church
PresyterianAlderson Presbyterian Church
AldersonCatholicSt. Mary of the Greenbrier Catholic Mission(304)466-3966
MethodistJohnson Memorial United Methodist Church
BaptistFirst Baptist Church of Fairlea
FairleaPresyterianFairlea Associate Reformed Presby. Ch. Pastor
BaptistGraystone Baptist Church
FairleaNazareneGreenbrier Valley Church of the Nazarene
Fort SpringMethodistGrace United Methodist Church
Oak HillBrethrenFirst Brethren Church(304)469-9114
Oak HillChurch of GodJones Ave. Church of God(304)465-5401
Oak HillHolinessOak Hill Gospel Tabernacle(304)469-3570
Oak HillNazareneOak Hill Church of the Nazarene(304)469-9204
Oak HillCatholicSts. Peter and Paul(304)465-5445
BeckleyChurch of GodCrosspoint Church of God(304)252-6684
BeckleyBaptistPemberton Baptist Church255-1153
BeckleyChristianTerry Independent Christian Church253-5943
BeckleyBibleProvidence Bible Church237-5130
BradleyMinistryAppalachian Bible College877-6428
BeckleyOrthodoxSaint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Christian Ch252-5821

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